What is Pink Tax?

What is Pink Tax?

It’s not an official tax but it is an extra amount women are charged more than men for grooming and shaving products.

We’re betting you don’t really know what Pink Tax is right? Don’t worry, we didn’t either. Pink Tax isn’t widely talked about and thanks to this pretty unknown and absurd phenomenon, large corporations have been lining their pockets by charging women 15% -20% more than men for equivalent products and services. Gasp!

The shaving category is one of the large offenders of Pink Tax. Household brands charge on average, a whopping 78% more for women’s razors than they charge for men’s razors. Sadly, we’re not exaggerating or making this up. We decided to do a price comparison and scanned the price differences across men’s and women’s razors in a supermarket recently. The only noticeable difference apart from the cost is the colour – so it seems pink is a very expensive color ladies! Another thing that struck us was the placement of razors on the shelves. Woman’s and men’s razors aren’t displayed on the same shelving in any pharmacy or store. Neither are deodorants, shampoos, conditioners or body washes. How has this not been noticed before as it’s so apparent now when you think about it.

The more we started to research Pink Tax, the more we started to understand how gender-bias marketing has been engrained into the female psyche from a very young age. Children’s toys have an inflated price if they are girls toys that is. Women’s clothes, dry-cleaning costs, grooming products, hair cuts, and salaries (let’s not even get started on the gender pay gap) are not equal to the price equivalent of what men pay.

It doesn’t stop there. Women pay more than men for transport costs because they don’t feel safe getting home at night and are willing to pay for a taxi or public transport to feel safer at night.

If this is new news, we’re sure you are feeling frustrated at this point but to reassure you, there are a lot of start-ups and companies looking to educate their customers on pink tax. We’re one. We’ve taken pink tax into consideration when pricing our razor and priced in line with men’s. When you shave with Club Gigi, you support change, women, and your wallet. The best news? You don’t have to pay pink tax anymore when you shave

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