Why you should ditch disposable razors

Why you should ditch disposable razors

The answer is in the name yet so many women use disposable razors. We get that a lot of people see them as an easy and cost-effective option but that actually isn’t the case. Have you ever had a decent shave with a disposable razor? We know the answer is no.

Let’s assume the scenario of a woman who shaves 2-3 times a week and buys two packs of 4x disposable razors a month at €3.50 a pack (average price of household brands 2x bladed pack of 4 disposable razors) or €7.00 a month. €7.00 doesn’t sound like much but if you consider it’s €84.00 a year spent on products she dreaded using and the environmental cost side too. The plastic waste from those binned 48 disposable razors and the plastic blister packaging contributes to the estimated 61kg of plastic waste each Irish person averages yearly.

We surveyed 100 women and asked ‘what problems do you encounter while shaving?’ We quickly saw similar themes emerging – cut skin, clogged blades, blades not lasting, quick regrowth and razor rash. Disposable razor blades aren’t great quality which is why they cut skin, why it feels like stubble grows back straight away, why blades go dull very quickly and why skin is red and irritated after shaving. Disposable razors have thin blades sitting close together and continually clog, another common bug-bearer.

The majority of women go to a hairdresser to get their hair dyed because they know the quality from a box dye isn’t going to give them salon results. It’s the same for manicures, eyebrow waxing and eyelash extensions. So why do the majority of women not spend a little more on reusable razors and get better shave results, especially considering they shave on average twelve times a month? The answer is cost. Women’s reusable razors are more expensive than men’s disposable razors which is unfair when both do the same thing and that’s shave hair.

This is one of the main reasons why we created Club Gigi. We want women to have the choice of buying a quality reusable razor and not be overcharged for it. We price in line with men’s and rival our competitors by giving the smoothest, long-lasting shave at a cheaper price. For €12.99 we post 4x reusable razor blades and don’t charge a delivery fee. Our most popular plan is 4x blades every 2 months which is €77.94 a year, meaning we are cheaper than the disposable razors used in the example above. Our razor is vegan and we don’t use plastic packaging.

We hope you start shaving with us and ditch the disposables. If you’ve any questions, please let us know!

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